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HOAC® Mobile Stage

Your vision – our mission

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The new modular

HOAC® mobile Stages – for theatres and concerts

The demands on constantly changing performances are high. If today a play is playing and tomorrow already the orchestra, you need sustainable solutions with a concept – the HOAC® system frame. Almost anything is possible, whether round or sloping stages, orchestra stages, superstructures or show stages. Made to measure, you get exactly the stage you need and without tools you can quickly set up or convert it.

Our promise of quality to you

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After use the frames can be used for other set ups and  products. 

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Fast & modular
This makes assembly fun. Your stage is up and running in no time.

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The friction-locked and form fitted connection guaranties noiselessness.

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The Modular Frame System
As a welding specialist we manufacture according to DIN EN 1090 1-3 and ISO 3834-2.

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The Modular Frame System
HOAC® the original

The HOAC® system frame adapts to your needs – whether today, tomorrow or in 1250 days. Just like a modular system, you can build your stage bigger or smaller. The stage will always be the one you need. 

The HOAC® frame…

  • can be used everywhere – in turntables, stages and grandstands
  • is easy to assemble and dismantle – no tools required
  • the perfect system for changing needs
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Mobile stage easy to assemble and reassemble

The individual frames for the Mobile Stage are connected to each other with no tools, using only our link block for a force-locking and form-fit – something that the stage technician also appreciate. After the framework of frames is in place, the top panels and cladding are attached – even faster with Twist2Clad. Optionally, the railing can now be securely clicked into place. The stage is already in place and ready for use.

More options
Choose a category!

Stage Deck
6 Stage Deck

Stage Deck –  the stage for theatres without lift or hubpodium

Your theatre has no lift or podium and you want to remain flexible in order to lead actors from the bottom to the top or to design the stage set individually? Then Stage Deck is the solution! With it, we can build stages up to 6 metres high, even higher if required. Under the stage, the staff can then comfortably walk through the new aisle with a height of 2.5 metres and a width of 2.0 metres. 

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Mobile inclined stage
sloping today, straight tomorrow

Your theatre doesn’t have a permanently installed stage slope, but you don’t want to do without it completely? You don’t have to! With the HOAC® mobile stage slope, you can set up and dismantle the stable slope individually for each play. Give your audience a new perspective on what’s happening on stage.

8 Orchester

HOAC® orchestra stage
for your concert

Every concert has its own orchestra line-up – and the number of instruments varies greatly. The acoustic demands are also high, because the sound is influenced by the resonance of the different materials. A HOAC® orchestra stage combines exactly these characteristics – perfect sound and flexibility. On the one hand, you can individually select the materials for the stage panelling to perfectly match the room acoustics, and on the other hand, you can quickly adjust the size of the stage.

9 Orchesterüberbauungen

Closer to the audience
With pit filler

Does your venue have an orchestra pit? Then bring the stage and audience even closer together and give them a unique experience. In no time at all, your staff will covers the orchestra pit with HOAC® system frames – up to 4 m even self-supporting. In addition, any orchestra pit can be covered, whether at ground level or with steps. Our system adapts flexibly to your needs.

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Swap perspective
with superstructures

Have you ever thought of letting the audience sit on the stage and in return the artists perform on the grandstand? Cool idea – we think so too! That’s why we developed the straight plug-in foot holder, with which you can build over any obstacle, because the feet of the frame can be positioned freely. Take a seat and enjoy a very special performance.

10 Flip2Play

The modern folding practicable

Flip2Play is the new alternative to the already known wooden folding praktikabel. The Flip2Play is made of lightweight aluminium and you only need to unfold it, cover it and attach the cladding, with Twist2Clad this is a flick of the wrist – done! In addition, Flip2Play is very space-saving. When folded, the frames require 90% less storage space. This is how stage construction works – fast and easy.

11 Kundenprojekte

HOAC® projects worldwide

Learn more about our stages

Accessories for mobile stages

When developing the right accessories for our HOAC® frame, we have always attached importance to the fact that you can remove the accessories quickly and easily and reattach them elsewhere, anywhere, without disturbing the frame itself.

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  • for front and sides of the stage
  • wood, textile, metal
  • quickly fasten with Twist2Clad
13 Deckplatte

Top cover

  • long-lasting with corner protection
  • different surface options
  • silent
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  • powder coated black or selected RAL color
  • mounting without tools
  • simply hooked on
13 Heberoller

Lifting roller

  • movement of blocks or complete grandstands
Füsse set

Legs & Legholder

  • available in different heights
  • also individually height adjustable
  • easy to attach with plug-in foot holder
13 Treppe


  • variable height and width
  • different surface options
  • silent
Technical information
12 Technische Daten


Single frame: up to 6 m length and 3 m width
Frame height incl. top cover: standard 16 2/3 cm, 20 cm
Thickness wooden deck: 21 mm ( + 3 mm felt)
Unit system: metric (Meter), imperial ( Zoll)


Frame: aluminum
Underconstruction: aluminum
Top cover: wood or individual
Railing: steel
Legs: aluminium


Railings, stairs, leg, lifting roller, top cover and cladding

Other Technologies or sizes upon request.
We will gladly advise you.

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Custom made
Any measurement is possible. We manufacture your stage at our site in Germany.

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Standard load capacity
500 – 750 kg/m², other load capacities on request.

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Construction design
Straight, round or square, any design of grandstand is possible.


Any questions or special requests?

Please feel free to contact us. We advise you without obligation. No matter which sizes your project will be, it is always a pleasure for us to see your project.

Key Facts   Made in Germany

Made in Germany
As a welding specialist we manufacture our aluminium stages at our site in Germany.

Key Facts   Weltweiter Vertrieb

Distribution worldwide
From Europe to China to the United States – we deliver our stages to any place in the world.lt.

Key Facts   Montageservice

Installation & service
You need a supervising or maintenance? Our installation team supports you worldwide.