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ASPRA® Air Purification

Distributed by HOAC®


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Fine Dust

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> 99,99 % virus free

Healthy and clean
Indoor air

ASPRA® Units are proven to remove viruses (incl. SARS CoV 2, mutants), bacteria, pollen, allergens, fine and ultra-fine dust. The removal of particles <PM10 by the patented and permanent electrostatic filtration from the room air gives the virus no chance to spread via aerosols. With ASPRA® you clean the air sustainably – whether rented or purchased. Walk into a safe and healthy future – ASPRA®.

Our promise of quality to you

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Removes 99.7% of all viruses, bacteria, fine dust and pollen from the room air.

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Hardly noticeable, the units work quietly and efficiently.

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Sensor & Monitoring
Monitor and optimize the quality of indoor air with the ASPRA® sensor.

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Safe & certified
According to European and German standards and complies with VDI 6022 hygiene requirements.

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Mobile Reinigung
04 Lite

ASPRA® Lite/Smart Mobile
400 m³/h

This model Lite is ideal for flexible use. The unit comes with an ON / OFF switch. Via the 230 V power connection, the air purifier cleans the air at maximum capacity (400 m³/h). This is particularly suitable for smaller rooms such as cloakrooms, masks, offices, cafeterias. Optionally with automatic control and monitoring (AURA/Smart).

05 FLC

2400 m³/h

The ASPRA® FLC (Mobile) is a stand-alone air purification system. The mobile unit is the perfect solution for air purification in larger public spaces, such as those often found in theatres, conference centres, sports venues and temporary buildings. The 230 V connection efficiently removes all PM (1-10). The unit can be mounted via four M12 mounting points as well as into an existing rig or ceiling support.

06 Fesh Air

ASPRA® Fresh Air Built-in Module
2400 m³/h

ASPRA® Fresh Air combines an air purification system with controlled CO₂ measurement and control technology. As long as the air inside the room has sufficient oxygen, the ASPRA® Fresh Air system circulates and purifies the air around the room (mixed air operation even with purified air). The unit also has a sensor system that opens an electric valve if the CO₂ concentration in the air is too high and supplies fresh air from outside (fresh air connection required).

Individual solutions for indoor ventilation Technology

09 Sensor

Air Quality 
Precise Measuring

The ASPRA® sensor measures and sends you data in real time via WLAN. At a glance you can see the values for relative humidity, CO2, TVOC (volatile organic compounds) and fine dust. Use the collected data to sustainably optimize the indoor climate.

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ASPRA®  projects

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Made in Europe
Short transport routes and high availability.

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Rent or buy
Whether short-term for an event or permanent.

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Patented & Safe
Tested by several independent testing institutes.