ASPRA® Air Purification

Our projects

Berlin, Germany

With 2400 m3/h each, two mobile ASPRA® FLC units in the foyer clean the air of the Friedrichstadt-Palast.

Munich, Germany

In the production “Our Time”, ASPRA® built-in modules were used in the “petrol station”. In addition, mobile ASPRA® units clean the air in the offices, rehearsal rooms and dressing rooms.

Ettlingen, Germany

The mobile ASPRA® FLC unit cleans the air with 2400 m3/h and has so far been used for a radio play.

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04 Theaterakademie Everding 01 1

Munich, Germany

The air in the office of the Everding Theatre Academy is cleaned with ASPRA® Aura Lite. The unit can purify 400 m3/h.

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