Showtech Workshop Grandstand

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United Kingdom – Storyhouse


Australia – Sydney Theatre Company

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Spain – Theatro del Soho

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Stage Wagon

German Oper am Rhein Dusseldorf

Track system

Germany – Stage Entertainment

Truss System

Switzerland – Hochschule der Künste

Set Design

Norway – Opera Oslo

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Acoustic Shell

Spain – Teatros del canal

Custom made

Netherlands – Toneelgroup

Air Purification

Germany – Residenz-Theater

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The new modular

HOAC® — your partner 
for mobile stage technology

We have been active in the theatre and stage technology industry worldwide since the 1980s. We manufacture everything from trusses to turntables, stages, grandstands, stage wagons, flying systems, stage sets and much more, especially according to your wishes. In addition to the development of individual solutions, our focus is on the sustainable reusability of our products.  Everything can be connected to each other in a mobile way and set up in the same or a new constellation at any time.

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Our promise of quality to you

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HOAC® products are durable and can be reused for other applications.

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Safe & certified
As a welding specialist we manufacture according to DIN EN 1090 1-3 and ISO 3834-2.

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Made In Germany
We manufacture every frame and many other products at our headquarters in Moers.

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Individual solutions
We develop, plan, manufacture and build your project individually according to your ideas.

HOAC® system frame
The Original

The Hoac® profiles are the heart of our stage technology. They are used in many ways for stages, grandstands, stage design, turntables, stage wagons and orchestra stages. Our aluminium frames are easy to assemble and very resilient. The system concept is in the foreground, which means that the frame profiles and accessories are compatible with each other. In this way, a stage can be transformed into a grandstand tomorrow, with little material and time expenditure. With our HOAC® modular frame system, we make it happen.

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HOAC® — We make it happen for theater and stage technology

After every good idea comes implementation and that’s where we come in. Together with you, we plan your project and develop solutions, and with our production in Germany, we can customise the design, dimensions and loads for you. In addition to special solutions for projects, we also offer standard solutions and individual components for every concern.

certified by

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After almost 10 years, the Showtech fair will take place again in 2023. After the fair temporarily appeared under a different name and took a break due to Corona, it will continue in 2023 with a new fair and conference concept. Visit us at the fair. We look forward to seeing you!

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RollDex Flex – Moving stages or grandstands couldn’t be easier. Simply upgrade existing vertical frames to move complete stages or grandstands.

News Twist2Clad

It is our mission to develop stage technology that inspires, that is simple and that is functional. Twist2Clad makes it even easier to attach cladding to grandstands or stages.