HOAC® Turntable

Our projects

Teatro del Soho
Malaga, Spain

For the production of Antonio Bandera’s performance “Company” we built a special revolving stage  with several rings. Each ring can be turned independently of the other. Four motors drive the outer ring and two motors each drive the inner ring and the platform in the middle. The freely programmable rides were implemented with a UNICAN control system.

Opera Nova
Bydgoszcz, Poland

In the opera house in Bydgoszcz, versatile performances are staged with our turntable. Either a turntable with a cover or a free-standing turntable. The revolving stage has a diameter of 11.5 m- controlled by means of HOAC control. After instruction by our fitters, the theatre’s stage technicians set up the turntable in any setting as required.

Munich, Germany

Small but mighty. In the centre of the production “Der Wildschütz”, the 7 m turntable becomes a target. Integrated into the stage set, the turntable is used in a variety of ways. Classically on the floor as a turntable or hanging in the air as a stage set – the audience is amazed.

03 Der Wildschuetz 01

03 Der Wildschuetz 02

St. Petersburg, Russia

The mobile turntable in St. Petersburg measures 14 m in diameter and has a payload of 14 to., which rotates at a speed of up to 0.8 m/s on the outer rim.

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